Deviant Overconformity In Sports

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Throughout the history of sports, society has seen a great amount of deviant overconformity among all athletes, regardless of the sport they are playing. Deviant overconformity should be taken more seriously by all, and there should be consequences for those who take part in those actions. Deviant overconformity consists of supranormal ideas, traits, and actions that indicate an uncritical acceptance of norms and a failure to recognize any limits to following norms. This includes, playing despite broken bones and torn ligaments or using painkilling drugs to stay in the game. There are common pressures among the sports spectrum that allow for this type of deviant behavior to continue without punishment or scrutiny from the public. Deviant overconformity goes unpunished, even though it often consists of dangerous actions that everyone sees as falling outside normative boundaries. On the other hand, deviant underconformity consists of subnormal ideas, traits, and actions that indicate a rejection of norms or ignorance about their existence, such as, bar fighting, sexual assault, degrading terminology. Deviant underconformity is regarded as more obviously malice by the public and hardly ever goes unpunished. Morality comes in to question when…show more content…
Hubris is pride driven arrogance combined with an inflated sense of self importance that leads one to feel separate from and superior to others. Over conformity occurs even on teams and among athletes who will never win championships, play in televised games, achieve public fame, or receive college scholarships or professional contracts. An athlete’s vulnerability to group demands, combined with the desire to gain or reaffirm group membership, is a critical factor underlying deviant

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