Amber Corredor Case Study

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Amber Corredor was referred for a comprehensive socio-sexual knowledge and attitudes test (SSKAAT-R) by her MSC to determine her level of knowledge in the areas of human sexuality and assess her need for psychotherapy services. What she considers appropriate and inappropriate socio-sexual activities were also evaluated, which could be used as a basis for intervention. A copy of this report should be sent to her MSC. Background Information: Amber Corredor is a 22-year old female who functions within the Moderate range of Intellectual Disability. She is diagnosed of Pervasive Developmental Disorder (Autism Spectrum Disorder), Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Other Specified Trauma and Stress Related Disorder, and a Disruptive Mood Deregulation Disorder due to Static…show more content…
Intimacy This section measured her knowledge of dating, marriage, and sexual intercourse. Amber could identify courting relations. She had no understanding of the types of vaginal intercourse. She could not identify ejaculation when shown pictures of these two conditions in males. III. Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Childrearing: Amber revealed limited understanding in these related areas. She correctly identified a pregnant woman and indicated she knew this by observing her stomach. She could identify the picture of a couple who could make a baby, and identify how a woman gets pregnant through sexual intercourse, where a baby comes from, and good activities (e.g. eating healthy) and bad activities (e.g. smoking, consuming alcohol) for women during pregnancy. She had no understanding of the length of the gestation period, the relationship between pregnancy and menstrual periods, a women’s pregnancy options, and safe sexual intercourse. . IV: Birth Control &Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Amber demonstrated no understanding of birth control, and no awareness of the term STD’s and the universality of contracting such diseases. V. Healthy Socio-sexual

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