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“When death tells a story you really have to listen.” The Book Thief , by Australian author Markus Zusak, is a fictional novel about a young German girl name Liesel Meminger . The novel is written from the view of death itself, Death views Liesel, otherwise known as the Book Thief, throughout her life in Nazi Germany. The scenes are set in Germany during 1939 through 1943. Liesel comes into the story on a train ride, where Death cascades in and retrieves her brother, to Himmel Street in Molching, to her live with her foster parents Hans and Rosa Hubermann. She soon becomes friends with a lemon hair colored boy named Rudy Steiner, who she first became friends with during a soccer game. Along Liesel’s journey in life a small part was added, Max, he would be added to the poor suburban family. As many know, hiding a Jewish man or woman is an intolerable action. If found that a German family hid a Jew, there would be a consequence. That is unless that family finds a way of avoidance. Although many would think differently about the story because of it’s…show more content…
However, many may find this a coincidence. “No one would a place named after Heaven, would they?”, Death asks. As many assume that Himmel Street has been bombed, people may now ponder at the question trying to find the answer. Markus must have felt that the street name was an important piece of Liesel’s beginning and end. Moreover, Markus Zusak chose Death to guide the reader throughout the book. “Even death has a heart.” As one will try to dissuade other people because it is written from Death’s view and those people should not read the novel. It makes the novel even more brilliant . Markus infuses Death with “...darkly consoling humor.” The way that Markus Zusak wrote The Book Thief is definitely unique from the street name to who tells the extraordinary

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