The Book Thief By Markus Zusak: Character Analysis

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Megan Basco Ms. Van Spankeren English 110 H 1 December 2015 Bringing Hope and Strength Langston Hughes wrote “Hold fast to dreams for when dreams go, life is a barren field frozen with snow,” emphasizing that dreams give strength to humans when they need it most. (Hughes) In The Book Thief written by Markus Zusak, the characters of the story, especially the Hubermann family need strength. Set in Nazi Germany, the family is hiding a Jewish man and trying to survive day to day life. Crushed under the weight of guilt and doubt, the characters need strength. Each character in the Hubermann family possesses their own happy “dream carrier” that brings comfort and strength throughout the tiresome moments. “The Dream Carrier” is used to showcase the…show more content…
This uncontrollable desire leads to Liesel supplementing her need for a friend by reading “The Dream Carrier”, a book that uses phrases like the height of her heart and shows compassion and love that teach her the same love and compassion that Max showed her. (330) Liesel finds solace in her books and therefore, her reading becomes her source of relief and her happy “dream carrier.” Reading to Max becomes her everyday pastime and as she continues to read to Max, the more and more she becomes concerned that he won’t wake up. Perhaps Liesel felt that by reading to Max it would free him from the nightmares of being in a coma. As aforementioned, Max’s nightmares often parallel Liesel’s as they both sought for closure in their life. Reading with Max can only distract Liesel for so long, and therefore, her problems work their way into her day to day life. For example, a haunting vision of Max appears in her dream disguised as her brother, leaving her dumbfounded and dazed. While such images of distress occupy her thoughts, the act of reading and of words comfort her throughout Max’s illness. After he wakes up, reading is something that continues to affect her life. For example, when the NSDAP visits Hans, “orders Liesel to fetch a book” (Zusak 345). To read her stolen books becomes a small act of hope in her daily life. Reading proves to be more than just a pastime, it bring Liesel a sense of

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