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Title: The Book Thief Corbin Lynn Author: Markus Zusak Publisher: Knopf New York # of Pages: 550 Range of Appeal: 14- Adult Review: The Book Thief gives us a view into the life of Liesel Meminger through the eyes of the narrator, Death. Liesel is a 9 year old girl who is adopted into a family that lives in a small town in Nazi Germany. With the help of her accordion-playing foster father, she ignites a passion for reading. Liesel grows and expands her thievery into other areas than books. With her friends help she becomes herself and will eventually go onto write her own book. Topics: Friendship, Crime, Nazis, World War 2, Acceptance, War, Reading, Love, Inspiration Thematic Statement: The Book Thief gives us the understanding that even in the face of extreme hatred someone can still find love and acceptance. Liesel finds a childlike semblance of such which is unfortunately cut short but tragedy. This book is set in Nazi Germany where giving someone a crust of bread is an extreme act of kindness and comes with its…show more content…
It's 1939, and Liesel, who is about 9 years old, is traveling by train with her mother and her little brother. Unfortunately her brother does not make due to mysterious circumstances that is the first time Liesel sees Death. She then finds her first book at her brother’s burial. When she meets her foster parents she is reluctant but takes an immediate liking to Hans her foster father. Over time, acts like teaching Liesel to read turn Hans into Liesel’s true father. She begins to expand her thievery from just books to food and other goods. Soon enough the Hubermann’s are harboring a hidden Jew whom Liesel instantly befriends. After Max is nearly discovered he leaves and is shortly captured and sent to a work camp. To chronicle the events that transpire Liesel begins her own story. She is in the basement re-reading her story when tragedy hits Himmel

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