Pediatrician Career Research Paper

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5 CAREERS One of the first careers I choose was pediatrician, to be a pediatrician the education requirements are, doctor of medicine in pediatrics; doctor of osteopathic medicine, bachelor’s degree; Mcat scores four years; three to eight years residency/internship program, internships and volunteer work. Anatomy, biochemistry, psychology, physiology, and pathology. The best school I recommend for a person who wants to be a pediatrician is university of Pennsylvania. For someone to become a doctor he/she need to complete 4 years of college, followed b 4 years of medical school, and followed by 3- 5 years of residency. Average year amount for a doctor is $175, 000. A pediatrician is doctor who specializes in the care of children. They are among the highest paid physician.…show more content…
The education requirements are law school, bachelor’s degree, LSAT test, political science. Best college for a student pursing a lawyer career is Yale University. It takes 7 years to be a lawyer and they pay $76, 99. The third career I choose was to be was therapists. A therapist is someone who counsel or do something for you to feel comfortable. The education requirements for someone to be a therapists is he or she will have to have a physical therapists degree, undergraduate studies, master degree, and doctoral degree. The best school for therapists to go to is university of Delaware, the college offers basic therapists and learning environment on how to become therapists. It usually takes 6 years to become a pediatrician. And they pay approximately 84,000 dollars for the salary. One of the benefits of therapists is that you can be any type of therapists. Physical, counseling, massage or any

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