The Benefits Of Gentrification

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Cities and communities are continuously changing. Many things can change a community such as a new store opening, or new homes being built. Changes such as these are usually very beneficial to the community. There are also changes that can negatively affect a community such as closing of businesses, which may lead to job loss for people in the community. Something such as loss of work in a community may result in an increased crime rate, or may cause people to even leave the city. Gentrification can be both helpful and harmful to a community; it just depends on how one looks at it. Gentrification is a general term for the arrival of wealthier people in an existing urban city. This change affects communities by increasing rents and property values, and also changing the character and culture of the community. Many aspects of the gentrification process are desirable, but the benefits of these changes are often enjoyed disproportionately by the new arrivals, while the established residents find themselves economically and socially marginalized (PBS).…show more content…
It can make the city cleaner, safer, and also provide more commercial and retail opportunities (Conn). Higher costs can push out renters, especially those who are elderly, disabled, and those without rent stabilized apartments. But, a lot of renters actually stay, especially if new parks, safer streets, and better schools are paired with a job opportunity right down the block (Sullivan). "We're finding that the financial health of original residents in gentrifying neighborhoods seems to be increasing, as compared to original residents in non-gentrifying, low-priced neighborhoods," says Daniel Hartley, a research economist with the bank in Washington, DC (Sullivan). There are a lot of good benefits of gentrification that most people fail to
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