Disadvantages Of Gentrification Research Paper

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Change: A Disadvantage Or Advantage? Across the United States, we are witnessing an enormous move in the socioeconomic framework of a number of major cities. Simply put, as rent prices continue to increase, the rich are moving in and the poor are moving out; aka gentrification. However, each one of these articles talks about gentrification and whether they are for it or opposed to it, but they have something in common and that is urban renewal and how they want to change cities up using their own ideas to attract newer people to move into the cities. With American capitalism flourishing with new businesses following industrial growth in cities, gentrification makes it hard for the lower class with the rise of property values making affordability…show more content…
As for the demographics of cities, Richey Piiparinen of “Gentrification and its Discontents” believes that city revitalization methods used by investors are envisioning new communities as consumers rather than citizens because of the capitals use of political power and profit. According to Daniel Jose Older of “Gentrification’s Insidious Violence”, says, “Gentrification is violence”. (358) Older’s understanding states that the upper class white people movement to beautify the areas and to displace the residents should not be allowed. The act of gentrification slowly removes former residents because of the increased cost to live in urban areas. Whereas Justin Davidson of “Is Gentrification All Bad”, believes that gentrification can benefit communities by making it a nicer place to live. Gentrification is not only the building of new higher-class neighborhoods, but also the developments like new shops or cafés to raise attention and popularity of an area. Implementations of city art such as monuments will also expand on culture to differentiate certain cities from others. While these improvements may seem beneficial to a city, they are not towards former lower class communities living…show more content…
This causes complications between class and race because of the competition of land usage in the cities. In another race related suggestion, Older states, “white privilege provides an invisible force field around them". This is referred to as a term used to classify a race in a society and in other words the whites are the dominant group. One example Older used was to reference the stop-and-frisk that drove African Americans out the urban areas of New York. Although this is just an example of African Americans who were driven out, it should be noted to all citizens, that the lower class has just as much value as anyone and especially when regarding to race. Timothy Williams from “Cities Mobilize to Help Those Threatened by Gentrification” would completely agree with Older because of the example Williams gives of the fifty-six year old man “who lives on what had until recently been an Italian American block in South Philadelphia, said he had come to feel like a stranger.”(347) This citizen feels like he is invisible and unnoticed in his own neighborhood. You cannot just kick out the old folks who were there first to bring in the new and increase assessment on houses. The fifty-six year old man tells us about one advantage about living in wealthier neighborhoods and that is, it is “…safer

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