Karl Marx Social Class

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“Karl Marx was a sociologist of things. Marx was a product of his day. He was referred to as a political economist. He had a materialist and structialist view of history and philosophy.” (Lecture, 9-17). He saw endless possibilities. Karl Marx studied and compared the economics of a society and what affects it had on its people. Karl Marx mainly focused on social class. In the lecture it was said “your position in labor of production determines your material condition.” (Lecture, 9-17) Social classes were distinguished by one’s “status”. The two social groups that were developing were the capitalist and the working class. The upper class had more power, leisure, and wealth over the middle class. The middle class was a very hard worker. The upper class…show more content…
There work wasn’t benefiting them in any way. Marx said, “The working class will then transform the capitalists” (Lecture, 9-24) “And the plain little lad got a bit mad, and the plain little Mack did a plain little thing. He burped.” (90) Mack was tired of the way he and the other turtles were being treated. He knew it was a time to make a change and rebel against Yertle. In the mist it seemed as if he was going to start a revolution, which is what Marx would of wanted him to do. Just as Mack went to take a stand and speak up for all of the other turtles, he burped. The burp then caused the pile of turtles to topple over landing Yertle in the mud. The burp represents capitalist being overthrown by proletariats. Marx said if there was no change or evolvement to capitalism then it would be overthrown. Yertle abused the turtle’s rights. His high powers then ended up coming to an end. He was still is as stubborn as can be because he never truly apologizes. In the end, Yertle was only able to rule from the

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