The American Dream Inequality Essay

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Today, is another day in the world of the American Dream. Are we actually fighting to reach the goal of the American Dream, or are we fighting to just barely make it through each day, one minute at a time? When we discuss the American Dream, we are talking about how each and every single one of us humans want to make a living for our families, and be financially satisfied. We want equality in our workforces, in our schools, and in our neighborhoods. We believe that if we go to school, study, work hard and accomplish these goals we can achieve a happy healthy home that is financially secure. Having inequality in our communities, makes it harder for all of us to reach the American Dream. Could we say that we have overcome inequality over the…show more content…
With the fact that inequality makes this dream such a challenge, we know that this is what every single one of us wants. That is why people fight to move to America, and travel many, many miles to seek out the American Dream that has been fought, and talked about for centuries. The America today is separated, is hard working, and is dependent on the government to help us survive every waking moment. We don’t want to go from dirt poor to filthy rich overnight, most of us actually just want to be considered, accepted, and feel secure. As in “The American Dream: Dead, Alive, or on Hold?” says “Today, most people do not strive for a rags-to-riches transition, and instead prefer a stable, middle-class lifestyle, one in which they can focus on saving money for the future and having secure employment.” (King
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