The Importance Of Dreams In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Have you ever dreamed about getting something? If so then you are not alone. Just like the characters from of Mice and Men who had once dreamed or always dreamed of getting something or doing something. Of Mice and Men written by John Steinbeck is a book that took place around the great depression, The two main characters in the book Lennie and George found work on a farm and became farm hands along with many others. John Steinbeck was only 35 when Of Mice and Men was published, John also wrote many other well known books during his lifetime. These other characters had dreams of once becoming or doing something. The characters from of Mice and Men who were dreamers are Candy, Migrant workers as a whole and Curley's wife. Candy one of the Migrant workers that worked along with Lennie and George was a dreamer. Candy's dream came along when he had found out of Lennie and George's dream of owning their own land and making a living off of it. Immediately after he found out of this dream he wanted to join in with them. Candy was a older migrant worker who worked along with lennie and george as farm hands. “Candy went on excitedly, how much they want for a place like that?”(pg 59) Candy's dream was…show more content…
When curley's wife was a little younger she met one of the actors that was from a show. The actor that she met told curley’s wife that she had what it takes to be a actor and ever since that moment she has dreamed of becoming an actor for that show. When Lennie and Curley's wife were talking she brought up her having the chance to become a actor, “I could a made somethin of myself” “I met one of the actors, he says I could go with that show”(pg 88). Curley's wife was still dreaming of that moment and becoming an actor many years after she lived that moment and continued dreaming of it till her death. But after the many years of living past that moment it began to slip away until it was completely crushed when she was

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