Nietzsche's Ethos Logos

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Bernie Sanders’s political discourse has catapulted him to one of the front-runners of the 2016 presidential race. Sanders’ brings forth his thoughts and ideas that represent who he is. The representation precedes how Sanders wants to govern and transport his ideas into meaningful content. One of Sanders key rhetorical strategies has been to bring awareness to how capitalism and politics are intertwined and how this relationship impacts the American people. Friedrich Nietzsche’s essay “On Truth and Lying in a Non-moral Sense” provides a philosophical view on dissimulation and how societies act politically and socially. The task of dissimulation in society is to develop a belief that we’re all part of a unity, but what looks…show more content…
Lying subsists through dissimulation; I look to Nietzsche’s work to see why dissimulation occurs. Nietzsche writes, “The arrogance inherent in cognition and feeling casts a blinding fog over the eyes and senses of human beings, and because it contains within itself the most flattering evaluation of cognition it deceives them about the value of existence. Its most general effect is deception.” Americans do not want to feel like they’ve been deceived, so many are in a state of denial of what income inequality really is or that it even exists. Humans tend to think of their own experiences as being more universal than they are. Therefore, the illusions continue as truth. The art of dissimulation reaches its peak in humankind, where deception, flattery, lying and cheating are known to be the political norm, yet as Nietzsche argues we allow this to happen and we also engage in it by trying to keep up appearances, living in borrowed finery, play-acting, et cetera. It’s a truth and a lie as we make it so with our illusions and use of metaphors. We are deeply immersed in illusions and dream-images; our eyes merely glide across the surface of things and see ‘forms’; nowhere does our perception lead into truth, instead we are content to receive stimuli. What is more, we know we are being lied to and we allow it without our moral sense ever seeking to prevent it from…show more content…
The concept is created through metaphors. Man forgets that he invented the concept and therefore sees it as truth. Rhetoric is conceptual from metaphors that are used politically, to attract an audience and voters. Human relation is an army of metaphors, so what we’re exposed to politically and through media becomes our truth, but may not be pure reality . Sanders is exposing metaphors through his campaign, that otherwise would not be the message being heard by so many. Nietzsche argues that truths are products and Butler argues that sometimes we are able to ‘frame the frame. Sanders’ rhetorically is, “framing the production of truths” by framing his meaning of what truth is and how he will use truth to counteract the deception he sees in politics today. The relations voters have to what is being said demonstrates the understanding of dissimulation by Corporations and because of the exposure they can start to understand the harmful effects that can become of

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