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Why is it important to pay taxes? In England people pay taxes on television it is called "t.v license". The color t.v is taxed higher than the black and white t.v. Not paying the tax is considered a criminal offense. In different countries there are different taxes however, there are such that are required for every country like income tax, payroll tax, property, consumption etc. Taxes are an amount of money that are demanded by a government, to support services, collected by incomes, property, sales, and more. They are usually an involuntary and they could be local, regional or national. In economics, taxes apply on whoever pays the burden of the tax. Whether this is the person being taxed, like a business, or the end of the buyers of the business's goods. It is important to pay taxes because it brings income to the government, which is then used to build and support socialised services and develop infrastructure for the citizens. The origin of the word "tax" is Latin and, it means "to assess". In the English language the word appears as late as the 14th century. Written records are known…show more content…
However at the end of the day, we all should understand that taxes benefit society by bringing necessary funds to the government, so they can provide and support public services for the well-being of its citizens. "Taxes should be collected the way a honey bee collects the honey from the flower." -Chanakya. The flower is willing to give up its sweetness, but the bee also takes care that only a little is taken without hurting the flower. To conclude every country has its own taxation system which is based on different priorities, and which determines the standard of living. It is government obligation to ensure that its citizen are not hurt just like the

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