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The Executive Assistant for the Head Coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is responsible for writing and creating documents such as, Memos, Collective Bargaining, and Spreadsheets. Each document has a useful significance to the day-to-day work involved in the NFL, (National Football League). Karianne Hawkins, Executive Assistant for the Head Coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Lovie Smith; interviewed with me via Face Time to discuss what documents she handles daily. Every day, almost everyone working in the office for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers writes a Memo. From releasing important messages throughout the office or coaches communicating about football plays, all information sent through memos is essential. Coaches, Assistants, Staff, Interns, Editors, General Manager, Director of Pro Personnel, Director of College Scouting, and the CEO all read and write memos. These documents are never more than one to two pages long, but contain some of the most important information. Memos, are the appropriate way to release information in a business; they are reminders for…show more content…
Accountants write the normal use for spreadsheets by dealing with the financial aspect of the team. They’re essential in the NFL to display statistics of the players on the team, the teams’ game history, and the overall breakdown of the team. Professional football spreadsheets are made weekly, some even daily, but normally it would be weekly, monthly, or yearly. Spreadsheets are typically read by the facility manager; as for the team statistics those are read by coaches, general manager of the team, but primarily scouts. Each spreadsheet is unique and there is not a specific length they can be. Just like the Memo, a Spreadsheet is critical in the NFL. It helps store statistics of the team, present the data to whom it affects, and most importantly gains insight for the future of the

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