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Article Summary In Roy Maurer’s article, “Attitude on Rehiring Boomerang Workers Changing,” discusses the current attitude’s companies have employee’s who have resigned but rejoins the organization after, also known as boomerang workers, through an interview. More and more boomerang employees are being accepted by organizations because 85 percent of applications companies received are from former employees. Many of these applicants (40 percent) are actually hired back into the organization (Maurer, 2015, para. 4). Society for Human Resource Management Online conducted an interview with a “boomerang worker,” Dave Almeda, explained the causes to why an employee leaves then comes back, how his current organization handles these type of employees, what makes boomerang employees suitable for…show more content…
The first one employee came back because our company was short on staff and had no one to cover for certain shifts. The second employee just came back recently because said employee requested for the job back. Reading this article made me realized how easy it is for the company I work for to hire boomerang employees because they’ve trained already and know the job specifications. Our company saves time and money as well. Article Evaluation Author Credibility 30/30 At the end of the article, it states that Roy Maurer is an online editor/manager for SHRM. I gave him full points because he’s been a member for SHRM for the past 4 years and 3 months. He’s also written many articles and most of them are up to date. His managerial position also gives credibility. Information/Content 30/30 The article was just published this month, so it is current and up to date. It gave reasons to why boomerang employee’s leave and how they can benefit the company. The important part is the interviewee himself is a boomerang employee, which makes his statements valid. Structure/Format

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