Dbq Essay On Why People Vote

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Citizens vote based on who is the right candidate for them and what they believe in, this is why I have come up with three best campaign tactics for gaining votes. For the advertisement campaign I believe that we should go with the three options of Glittering Generalities, Plain Folks, and Testimonials/Endorsements. The reason behind why we should go with these techniques is because you should remain honest and relatable to the voters. Why we should use Glittering Generalities is that it is something you can use to get your message across to the public. Document E shows how you can use one word or a phrase and have your campaign associated with it. It goes on to show that taglines are important to your slogan like how Mitt Romney has “Believe in America” for his tagline. With this option you can use your word or phrase when it comes to things like advertisements. Now you may be questioning why we could use this over something like an attack ad but if we were to use something like that it ruin the honest and down to earth policy we would be going for. This is going to be the most expensive ad running at 600,000 dollars but it will be effective because it gets your message across with only a few words.…show more content…
It shows that you are looking out for the middle and low class and want to better their situation. Document C demonstrates how General Dwight Eisenhower was able to use this technique to campaign for his election. He was able to use it by appealing to people who wanted higher wages. We should use it because would be useful but the two classes are the majority of the people voting. They may not seem to have the money to fund the campaign but if you say and look out for their best interest you will remain down to earth. This is the second most expensive ad to make and it will cost 300,000 dollars to

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