Hartford Mayoral Election Essay

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Hartford’s last Mayoral election in 2013 was decided by 2,449 voters out of the city’s population of 124,705 people. The future of Hartford was decided by approximately 5 percent of its population. Hartford was ranked last in the state of voters who came out to vote on Election Day of 2013, according to CT.gov. Now Hartford Mayoral candidates are urging voters to vote in this year’s upcoming election and allow their voices to be heard. “Don’t let others decide for you the future of our city. Not voting does not only create problems for your family, but, your neighbors as well” according to Pedro Segarra, the current mayor of Hartford. Why are Hartford citizens deciding not to vote? According to one city civilian, there is no trust between the people and the politicians.…show more content…
“It seems as if voters don’t really have no impact.” The mayoral candidates agree, there is no trust between the people and the government. But, they put the fault in other politicians on the lack of accountability. “At this moment right now, they have no trust and that’s in fault to some before politicians. What they have done is say vote for me and then once they win, they do not come through with the city,” states Joel Cruz Jr., candidate for mayor of the city of Hartford. Those who do vote, believe that the lack of trust is not an excuse because as citizens, it is our fundamental right to vote. “I think that it’s important because it’s one of the rights that we have and it’s the only way to have a voice at this point. It’s a good way to share your opinion on what’s going on” according to Illana Cardona, who was also raised in Hartford. Now with social media and the web it is much easier to educate yourself on the candidates and the work they have done to improve the

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