Tortilla Espanol Research Paper

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Lastly I am going to explain the process of making Tortilla Espanol. Due to the lack of basic neccesities such as; most of the cooking tools we have today and the simpilicty of getting the needs to make Torilla Espanol it is a fairly simple recipe to make but also very delicious and something your whole family would love. Depending on wether you decide to use store bought pre-boiled potatoes or boil your own, cooking time with vary between 35 to 45 minutes. The first step is to gather all your ingredients. Youll need a 12 inch skillet, 1lb of store bought sliced potatoes or 6-7 peeled potatoes, 5-7 large eggs, 2-cups oil and 1 whole onion , and a pinch of salt. You may also add various different vegtables if you would like. Now spray your skillet

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