Correctional Facilities: A Case Study

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An administrator of a correctional facility must ensure that his facility is prepared to respond to emergencies that may occur (Carlton & Garrett, 2008). Several factors make this a daunting task for any administrator. First, there is the vast number of emergencies that may occur. The facility must be prepared to cope with internal situations such as inmate uprisings, hunger strikes, escapes, or hostage situations (Carlton & Garrett, 2008). There are external events that a facility must be prepared to handle. This can include natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, or tornadoes. Am administrator must be prepared to deal with incidents as they begin before they turn into major incidents. An important element of preparedness is a command structure during an emergency event. One system is to use the Incident Command System (ICS) (Swartz &…show more content…
One way a correctional facility administrator can overcome challenges is to select a planning team from the various departments within the facility (Carlton & Garrett, 2008). All resources of the facility must be considered in planning to maximize the use of available resources inside the facility (Carlton & Garrett, 2008). Another method is an administrator can do site visits at other facilities that have proven preparedness to gain ideas and compare measures taken in case of emergencies. Site visits not only provide information what does work, but also what has been found to be ineffective by other facilities. A facility may not the internal capacity or resources to combat every possible emergencies and may need the assistance of other local agencies (Carlton & Garrett, 2008). For this reason a skilled administrator will maintain good working relationships with other agencies whose assistance may be needed in emergencies. Other such agencies include local law enforcement, hospitals, and fire
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