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Temple Grandin is a remarkable individual who lives in two different worlds, one world being Grandin as a scientist and a college professor, and the other one being a person with a significant disability. Autism is an important part of Grandin; however, autism is not all of who Grandin is. Autism may be the thing people notice when they first meet Temple Grandin, but she is more than just being autistic. In Temple Grandin’s novel Thinking in Pictures, My Life with Autism, Grandin seamlessly combines aspects from her autobiography, scholarly journals, and memoir into a compelling piece of literature. Grandin shares her experience of autism, her visual spatial skills, and her limitations throughout the novel. This article depicts the theme living with autism as Temple Grandin overcomes…show more content…
The primary focus of Grandin’s novel portrays how autism has affected her life and how Grandin transforms her disability into an opportunity to innovate and grow as an individual. Autism spectrum disorder is a set of heterogeneous neurodevelopmental condition and is characterized by early-onset difficulties in social communication and unusually restricted, repetitive behavior (Lai et al., 2014). Autistic people was original known to be “brain-damaged” (Grandin, 2006, p. 33), but that notion has crumbled in the face of knowledge and understanding. According to Grandin (2006), autism is defined as how it affects the person, and the literature describes autism as a neuropsychiatric disorder of early childhood with impairments in social interactions and communication (Miles et al., 2005). Furthermore, the division of autism spectrum is

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