Twelve Tablets In Ancient Rome

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Do you know what the twelve tablets are? They are 12 laws. ‘“The Law of the Twelve Tables was the ancient legislation that stood at the foundation of Roman law. The Tables consolidated earlier traditions into an enduring set of laws.’”The twelve tablets have a big influence. Have you ever wondered if the twelve tablets had never existed? I have, the one word that I would use to describe what would happen if there were no twelve tables is, it would be total chaos. The twelve tablets have a big effect on the daily life in Ancient Rome. Read more to find out more about the twelve tablets and what they were used for. What did the twelve tablets look like, how did they help? Why were these tablets created? The twelve tablets are slabs of stone…show more content…
This helped in various ways including, people following most rules (if they didn’t there would be consequences/punishment) and that the lawmakers and law enforcers followed the laws. They also made the twelve tables ( the twelve tables can be called the twelve tables or the twelve tablets) so the people in Rome couldn’t just do anything they wanted, they had to follow the law. These laws were about crime, property, and family matters like marriage, and inheritance. Considering that the twelve tablets are about these 4 things, what issues might have gone on involving those 4 things? Do you have an idea? The problem for the crime could have been like today, we have people stealing, people murdering, and people abusing animals, and people. Another thought is that the property issues could have been, people claiming property that is theirs when it isn’t. For family matters you might know that it could have been marriage. Equally important, inheritance because let's say your grandfather dies and he lives by himself, the grandchild or child might get to keep the house or any personal items of his. That would be inheritance. I hope the description of the twelve tables has help you have a better understanding of what the twelve tables are and what they looked…show more content…
In 509 BCE the Roman Republic needed effective laws because they needed the laws to influence/ control the people since there was no longer a king to rule. In 510 B.C.E the head members of Rome took the lead and realized that they could no longer have another King to rule. They said a more current form of government would be more effective than monarchy, the government led to a republic. The republic soon led to the twelve tables. The twelve tablets were made in 450 BC. The twelve tables changed life in Rome and where we live today, to make a long story short the twelve tables changed life

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