Temple Grandin's Journey

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Temple Grandin’s Journey: A painful Truth Great movie. Life-changing story. Socially-relevant. These descriptive words came to my mind after watching "Temple Grandin", a movie that tells the story of an autistic woman named as Temple Grandin (same as the title of the movie), who faced early life struggles brought by her impairment. It is a 2010 film directed by Mick Jackson which starred Claire Danes as the main actor. The central theme of the movie is to increase the awareness of people on the topic of disability. One may say that penetrating the minds of the people is a tough task, specifically, when a person wants to persuade their thinking by aligning it to his/hers. It really depends on the audience on how they will react to a certain…show more content…
First, the story is told in a non-linear way, meaning, there are lots of flashbacks that supplement the present happenings (the present time in in the story is when Temple is about to enter college while past refers to her childhood experiences). Non-linear way of narration keeps the attention of audiences from the start of movie until the end. It puzzles the minds of viewers in one moment and after that revelation begins. Second, there are two parallel stories in the movie. I'm talking about the story of Temple and the story of cow. Cow represents Temple and cowboys represent people without impairments. Cows are forced to move forward in ranch by the cowboys. This scenario is very similar to Temple's situation. She is forced by the people to act according to their wishes without actually consulting her. As a result, cows and Temple are not happy. In addition, Temple is the one who understands the likes and dislikes of cows and makes a design that will not force them to move; thus, allowing them to act freely. This can be compared to Temple's life in which Dr. Carlock is the one who is willing to understand her to be able to address her needs. Provided that cows are already treated in a good manner, and Temple already received little by little acceptance of people; however, both of them have to face painful truth-- Cows are to be killed (for meat) while Temple still have the impairment throughout her

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