Synthesis Essay On The Great Gatsby

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After reading several novels throughout the school year, the theme of the American Dream has popped up several times. There are millions of ways to interpret the phrase. Cambridge dictionary online defines it as the “belief that everyone in the US has the chance to be successful, rich, and happy if they work hard.” Meanwhile, many would disagree and say the American Dream is the “belief of every man can pursue and attain his goals, that be political, monetary or social.” There are many great people who are said to have achieved the American dream including Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, some may even argue Oprah Winfrey, what about Jay Gatsby? After reading The Great Gatsby it is evident that Gatsby represents the American Dream, Mr.…show more content…
Gatsby has come to espouse the gospel of the corrupted American dream. His existence is founded on a lie, a delusion.” He then backs up his evidence by connecting Gatsby’s extravagant lifestyle with biblical references including babel and the walls of Jerusalem. In my opinion, there are no religious references due to several factors. To begin with, the eyes of Dr. Eckleburg (which are said to be the eyes of God) are not. Dr. Eckleburg is simply a billboard which happens to be located in the “Valley of Ashes”. Due to Fitzgerald’s use of word choice, he gives the impression that the billboard is looking down on everyone, just like God. Although the board can represent God, I believe it represents the reality of life. There are many people who are stuck in their image that they do not realize they are living a fake extravagant lifestyle. The eyes are there to serve as a reminder that we need to open our eyes up and let things happen instead of trying to force things to happen. People are so caught up in achieving the “American Dream” they do not realize and appreciate the beauty of life, and the billboard is there to remind people that life isnt all about the riches, it is about learning, and living in the moment, not the past or the

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