The American Dream: What Is Black?

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America is a country known for its freedom. A country that thrives on “The American Dream.” This “dream” of course normally contains a White man and a White woman that fall in love and have a White little boy and a White little girl while becoming successful. Not too often do we see an African American family, perhaps a Black woman and her three Black children obtain this “American Dream.” In regards to the racial cartoon above, two White police officers have pullen over a Black man. One of the White officers proceeds to pull out what looks like a painting wheel of multiple shades of skin tones. As the officer puts the color wheel to the Black man’s head it is as if the officer is looking for a match. A match as if matching socks after doing laundry or matching shoes to a dress. The type of matching that should not be used for matching a color wheel to a person’s skin. Assuming that the shade of brown matches the Black man’s face, this is the reason the two White officers have pulled him over. The Black man seems to have done nothing wrong. His car is in fine condition as there is no evidence of a hit and run situation. His clothes appear to be clean, and he is appropriately dressed. Even the look on his face shows no sign of guilt or anxiousness as if he is hiding something.This Black man has done nothing wrong besides the fact the “he is Black.”…show more content…
First impressions may give a lasting impression and can make or break relationships. As much as people like to think they do not stereotype others, they all do it. Some do without even realizing it. Society has shaped people’s opinions about racial characteristics and actions. For instance, Asian women are terrible drivers or Mexican men become

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