Bram Stoker's Dracul A Narrative Fiction

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9:30PM----- Olivia glanced at the clock and quickly let out an exasperated sigh. She was waiting for Caroline to show up but it would seem the vampire was planning to be fashionably late to her own friends resurrection. Though it had only been moments past their agreed meet time, the witch grew increasingly annoyed; not because she was made to wait but because she was quite nervous. She had done powerful spells before but this-- well this was bringing someone back from the dead, it was like opening the door to the underworld and pulling a very specific person from it's depths. The spell could go wrong in so many ways that she had lost count of all the dangerous possibilities. She just wanted Caroline to show up so they could get this show on the road. The quicker they began the spell, the quicker they got it over and done with. She…show more content…
The magic shop usually stayed open later as to cater to the tourists who came into town but tonight was different, tonight Liv would be performing a real spell with real consequences; not just some lame love potion or hex spell. She was worried, she hadn't channeled this much power since her resurrection and that was a complete disaster. Sure, she was alive but it came with a great price; one she would eventually have to pay back. She wouldn't even be helping now, but she needed to know- needed to figure out if her magic could pull something like this off. It was in her nature to push the limits and this was definitely pushing something alright. After a few moments she stopped pacing and once again glanced at the clock 9:36; she wondered if Caroline even planned to show up, maybe she too thought this plan was nuts... Probably not Liv thought. The vampire seemed pretty desperate to get her friend back but Liv supposed that was all guilty conscience. After all, killing your best friend was extreme, whether you had emotions or

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