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The Resolution of Team Conflict James Vinyard Grace Bible College The Resolution of Team Conflict What is a conflict? Merriam-Webster's dictionary (11th ed.) defines conflict as "a clash between hostile or opposing elements, ideas, or forces.” (2004). Anytime people unite for a common purpose there will be conflict. People do not always agree. People project or visualize the way things should proceed within their minds. Different perceptions lead to different interpretations, which generally ends in a clash of ideas. This clash of views can determine the outcome of the venture. There are two main types of conflict, relationship conflict, and task conflict. (Medina, Munduate, Dorado, Martinez, Guerra, 2005) Both are present…show more content…
Task conflict generates through disagreements that arise in work activities and the carrying out of job duties. Task conflict may benefit production. “Indeed; growing evidence suggests that conflict may be beneficial to team performance. Suppressing conflict could reduce creativity, innovation, performance, quality of decisions, and communication between group's members” (Medina et al. 2005). Lencioni articulates that “reasonable people do not have to get their way in a discussion. They just need to be heard, and to know their input was considered and responded to” (2002). It comes down to conflict management within the team. Conflict management falls on the team leader. A team leader should manage conflict within the parameters of the team's targets. Positive conflict resolution equals positive productivity results. Team leaders should always view things in light of the scoreboard. The scoreboard is a real-life assessment of where the team is presently situated in proportion to where it is attempting to go. When resolving conflict, a leader must steer resolutions in the direction of the…show more content…
Equipment was being installed and started; later problems would occur that could have been prevented. A manager meeting was called. At first, it was a dispute between myself and two other managers. I said the procedures were not being understood and they felt the employees just refused to follow them. The General Manager decided that I would oversee the next few installs by just popping in without notice. After doing this for two consecutive jobs, the reality of the situation showed itself. By the end of the workday with the crew weary and straightforward items customarily checked were being overlooked. I returned to the General Manager with the relevant information. I suggested that the office generate a checklist that would be filled out before the closing of any job. The checklist would ensure the procedures were being completed and halt the problems that had been occurring. The list would force accountability by requiring a signature and date. The General Manager and the other managers eagerly received the idea, and immediately implemented it. What I have discovered is conflict within the boundaries of a team managed correctly can produce a more comprehensive and efficient manner of conducting

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