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5.1.1 Human Resource Department of KBZ Bank HR department consists of seven section: (1) Administration (2) Training and Development (3) Payroll (4) Data Management (5) Benefits Management (6) Employment Legislation and (7) Workforce Management. Among these seven sections of HR department, Workforce Management section performs human resource planning by keeping an eye on staff shortages and surpluses. It mainly deals with recruitment and selection process. Whenever there is HR gap, it has to arrange advertisement for the vacancy on all branches at the town. It is also responsible for contacting the applicants who have submitted their curriculum vitae and informing them to have personal interview. Data Management section is responsible for…show more content…
Benefits Management section also manages HR care program (for funeral, wedding, health etc.), supporting mobile car and accommodation to their specified level and other fringe benefits for each level according to the Top Management’s permission. Employment Legislation section is responsible for following update employment laws. For example, KBZ pays serious attention to all stages of recruitment to all stages of recruitment to avoid discrimination and ensure that equality of opportunity is an integral part of recruitment process. The role of Training and Development is to develop current employees’ skills and quality in order to provide better service quality. Administration section prepares employees’ uniforms, transportation, buying assets or stationery and handling leave of all the employees working at KBZ Bank. Figure 5: Organization Structure of Human Resource Department in KBZ…show more content…
Promotion is given when the employee has been working in KBZ for two years for graduates and every six months for Master Degree Holders who are recommended by the department head and second in charge or manager. But, some staff who have one and half years’ experience may be promoted if they have well performance record. On the other hand, some staffs may not get promotion when they can’t transfer or they are warned by preliminary enquiry or departmental enquiry or both. For General Manager above levels, their efficiency and performance are assessed by BOD for promotion. Transfer method is used within organization. That is between different branches or departments. Referral method is available at every level as long as it is from BOD. Job posting method is generally used if current employees possess the qualifications for filling open positions. For internal advertisement, HR department sends internal mail to all

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