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Abstract This paper will relate sociological concepts to the film “And The Band Played On” to give the reader a deeper understanding of society in the media. I will first introduce some background on the film that will relate to the concepts I will be discussing. The first concept I will be discussing is conflict perspective, which is caused by a uneven distribution of power between clases. This theory expands to the sociological term: cultural capital. Another concept that I will be exploring into detail is the deterrance theory. This theory involves the idea of punishing a person or group of people, as a result of going againt the society’s norms. The emergent norm theory will also be discussed and will be a reflection of the population…show more content…
The title of the film refers to the tragic event of the Titanic sinking in 1912. During this catastrophic event death engulfed nearly all of the passengers, but the band simply continued to play on despite all the death they were soon to be surrounded by. According to this film, “the band playing on” refers to the American citizens not accepting that AIDS was a serious crisis that needed to be treated immediately and the gay population continuing to live a dangerous life. Like many of the Titanic passengers, the AIDS victims were shocked by this unknown disease which eventually ended in their death. The AIDS epidemic could have been avoided, but many people felt like it was not a serious disease and continued to “live on” until over twenty-three thousand individuals were no longer…show more content…
This theory states that the view of certain qualities should be punishable and will prevent others from committing the particular crime. When the outbreak just occurred AIDS was considered to be “gay cancer.” Throughout the 1980’s being homosexual was considered to be taboo and not many people agreed with this new sexual orientation. As a result, contracting AIDS was considered to be punishment for going against the norms at the time. This relates to the deterrence theory because being gay was thought to be a crime at the time and considered to be punishable. So when the disease was first labeled as “gay cancer” people felt like the gay community was being punished for their

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