How Does Sydney Carton Change In A Tale Of Two Cities

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After years of living in the shadows of Mr. Stryver as well as in love with Lucie Manette, Sydney Carton changes both physically and spiritually. Carton has no view on life or anything else around him, except for Lucie. Carton is just way too brilliant to indulge in his own wantonness. He is young and careless but expresses an uncanny likeness to himself and others. Carton is given to self-examination, yet never says anything to help the reader understand why he is so melancholy. Sydney Carton goes through a series of conflicts that characterize and change who he really is. Despite these privations, he eventually becomes an elevated and respectable man than before. In Charles Dickens’s novel A Tale of Two Cities, an important conflict is between Sydney Carton and himself. Because of this, Carton is an alcoholic who faces a lack of self-esteem. As Carton is talking to Lucie in book 2, chapter 13, he says that “it is too late for that. I shall never be better than I am. I shall sink lower, and be worse” (156). When this occurs in the story, it is apparent that he does not think highly of himself and does not like the life he leads. This conflict shows that Sydney Carton struggles with himself through…show more content…
Stryver and it is classified as man versus man. Because of this conflict, Mr. Stryver is shown to have the brawn as Carton has the brain. As Sydney and Stryver begin the conference during book 2 chapter 5, Mr. Stryver laughs precociously and says, “You and your luck, Sydney! Get to work, get to work” (91). When this occurs in the story, Stryver reclines on the sofa as Carton has to do piles of paperwork. This conflict shows that Stryver pushes Carton around and tells him what to do. Because of this, Sydney is nicknamed “the jackal” while Stryver is “the lion.” This experience characterizes Carton as Stryver’s handyman as well as the foundation to Stryver’s

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