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Cyrus the Great, or Cyrus II of Persia, created the largest empire the world had seen up until that point in 550BC. The empire Cyrus founded was one of the first successful centralized government realms that worked to the advantage of its citizens. Cyrus was able to do this because he listened and incorporated the ideas of those he conquered and took time to learn and respect their cultures. The quote in the Roberto paper - “Diversity in counsel, unity in command” - speaks directly to this philosophy of listening to others while maintaining authority. In theory, this is easy to say and attempt to act out, but in practice, it takes a special leader to listen in a way that never implies the leader is giving up authority. Roberto talks directly about “candor, conflict, and…show more content…
The irony is that though Krakauer lived to tell the tale of the 1996 Everest climbing disaster even though his decisions were not perfect. In addition, the stories he told in his book turned out to be inaccurate. What perhaps sets Mr. Krakauer apart from other leaders is his willingness to own his mistakes and look back attempting to improve himself. Without discussing the entire story in this paper, Mr. Krakauer penned certain facts in his book that he later learned were not entirely accurate. It would have been easy to blame his recall on the low levels of oxygen at altitude, but instead of claiming excuses, Mr. Krakauer issues apologies first in person in intimate settings and then very publicly in new additions of his book. The ability to lead and yet be humble and forthcoming when wrong is also necessary to encourage “diversity in

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