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2) By analyzing a company’s external factors, we get a good idea of the outside influences that can impact a business. SWOT’s external factors are the opportunities and threats, in which will give the reader a quick overview. Opportunities: Competitors are not particular strong market share takers Economical prosperity Expansion of product line In relation to the, Competitors are not particular strong market share takers, I mean the main competitors I will talk about in the Porters five forces, thereby IKEA and Denka møbler A/S are companies who provide less quality and cheaper products, they don't have the same kind of profit as Montana. Montana could thereby use this as their advantage and a opportunity to create a greater turnover.…show more content…
Major portions of Montana’s suppliers are located in the East of Europe and they rarely trade directly with suppliers. They rather focus on ensuring quality control by buying from Danish wholesalers who often buys from a local “trader”. A company would want to ensure that suppliers have no power over them. Montana has only a few suppliers, these particular suppliers does not have a particular bargaining strength against Montana as the furniture industry is really broad and they have a free opportunity to select their suppliers of…show more content…
They have a dominant spot on the furniture market, but they have IKEA as a major competition and Denka Møbler A/S. There have even been cases with Montana A/S blaming Denka Møbler A/S for coping their products. Montana wanted compensation from Denka and it went out of hand. So you could argue that these two are their main competition. These large players who are competing against Montana A/S, sells their products either way cheaper as IKEA, or sells products very alike and at almost the same price as Denka. Conclusion on Porters five forces: There is a possibility of new entrants, but since Montana has and values loyal customers, this shouldn't be problem for them. In the long perspective you could argue that their competition is very high, and they should maybe focus on some marketing campaigns, but they are good at differentiating themselves, so they should be able to secure some kind of growth, at least not a decline. A solution is that they could fill out the ‘hole’ and provides other things than only furniture, like IKEA does, but still with a focus on

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