Supervisor Skills Research Paper

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Supervisor Skills Summary Supervisor is one of the most important person in the organization. He has to have many Professional skills that makes him deal with anything happened in his position. According to Miller, (n.d.), a supervisors in healthcare need to have some personal qualities and demonstrate excellent management and communication skills. There are many significant skills such as Leadership and solving problem (para1). Leadership is the main one because it will help to motivation the team to work better in their career. Also, solving problem is really help when they making a hard decision and dealing with employee to find a solution for any kind of problem (para3). Beside these skills also they need some technical skills to keep following the updating of the medical system. Being a supervisor is not easy if you do not have qualifications required in order to deal with everything that happens in the organization. Bing a supervisor is the most difficult job in the organization…show more content…
However, the new knowledge added to me a lot of a fan tasting information. I learned many important things about the supervisor skills. It's one of the most interesting things in my career because it will be very helpful in my position in the future. The information that I got from the literature lead me to think about my skills and also my personality what I have to work on, and what I have to improve. All skills that I had learn from the class and from the literature is every supervisor has to have some skills to be successful in her workplace. Working in five functions are coming in the first, so I have to work on because with them I will drive the organization to achieve the

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