Ian Mcewan's Enduring Love

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“Life has many ways of testing a person’s will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once.” – Paulo Coelho Life can be cruel. It can change at any moment turning the fondly smiles into sorrowful frowns. The changes can be good, but they also can be tragic incidents in which person’s character and behaviour is affected. In Enduring Love, characters witness a bizarre ballooning accident in front of their eyes. Two main characters, Joe Rose and Jed Parry, along with other men try to rescue a trapped child inside the balloon, but things go wrong as soon as one member gives up and it results in the death of John Logan which they all witness. This tragic incident introduces strangers and due to a syndrome, Jed becomes obsessed with Joe. Throughout the novel, Ian McEwan explores how tragedy, our own and others, can affect the mind through characters and themes to show how an obsession can lead an ordinary man to brink of murder and madness. Joe’s life faced a drastic change after the incident which led him to blame himself for the death of John. Joe, an ordinary scientific person, who has physics degree and doctorate on…show more content…
Jed suffered from De Clerambault syndrome, which is an associative disease due to major depression (Knott). Due to this syndrome, Jed thought that Joe is in love with him and he even called him in middle of the night to confess his love. Jed also began to read all of Joe’s work, sent personal letters, stayed outside to have a glance at Joe and stalked him to places. When Joe touched leaves, Jed showed obsession as he says, “I went . . . fingered the leaves that you had touched. I felt each one . . . you had touched them in a certain way, in a pattern that spelled a simple message (McEwan 96).” Due to his syndrome he only took certain meaning out of any action Joe did and that became the fuel of his

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