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What’s the first thing you think of when someone asks you about Superman? That he is the first American superhero and that he is an American classic. In fact, Superman is not as perfect as his image implies. Upon closer analysis of the DC comic, one finds flaws in the idea and implementation of Superman. Superman is a superhero with flaws. Superman’s plethora of superpowers. lack of handicap, flat character, and lack of idea to represent all detract from his value as a superhero. Superman has too many superpowers to make him an interesting comic book character. Superman’s myriad of powers reduce his value as a hero. Superman’s list of powers goes on and on: superhuman strength, invulnerability, x-ray vision, superhuman intelligence, eidetic memory, heat vision, superhuman senses, master combatancy, and strength gain from the sun. Much more numerous…show more content…
The regular superhero goes through some character development or resolves some issue in their life and mature as people. Captain America faces being too sickly to be able to serve in the army, and when he finally does, gets frozen in time, after which gets thawed far into the future and has to accustom himself to the current times. He faces his problems and matures as a person through his encounters. Tony Stark as Iron Man faces his the malicious use of his technology and the betrayal of his business partner Obadiah Stone. He has to face his problems and solve them. Through facing them, he matures as a person. The facing of problems by superheros helps keep the story moving and add an element of variability in the story. Superman has no such problems, even though it appears that being an alien may be a problem, it seems that he perfectly inserts himself as a human. He faces no personal problems, which introduces a level of monotony into his story, making it less appealing. In addition, Superman does not symbolize an aspect of human
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