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Hungry Jack’s Australia is a subsidiary of Hungry Jack’s Corporation, USA. It started its operation in Australia in the year 1971 at Sydney. The brand logo of Hungry Jack’s has become universal known and is easy to recognise as seen among all the age groups. Hungry Jack’s Australia has primarily welcomed a franchisee business model to operate in Australia where almost around 70% of the restaurants are owned and managed by the Australian local businessman and businesswoman. Hungry Jack’s Australia target market has been the customers for fast food of all the age group i.e. from children to aged serving them through renowned offerings such as French fries, Big Mac burger, chicken nuggets, hamburger etc. Till now it has been a market leader in serving fast food line products especially burgers and French fries to the Australian people. As per Roy Morgan Research the figures for Australia population aged between 14 and over who nearly eat vegetarian…show more content…
Its main items that constitute the 90% of the sales are burgers and French fries. The burgers include the beef burgers, cheese burgers, ham burgers, bacon burgers, chicken burgers, seared burgers, fish burgers etc to serve the taste buds of the customers. The volume of sales have increased tremendously about 8% in April, 2015 from the last 3 years. We will now target the Hungry Jack’s veggie burger product in line with its existing product. A brief detail of Hungry Jack’s veggie burger : A Hungry Jack’s veggie burger, as the name suggests, is intended to be a veg burger that will be produced/cooked separately for pure veg customers. All the ingredients present in Hungry Jack’s veggie burger will be 100% vegetarian containing the bun, the tomato sauce, the Hungry Jack’s veggie burger patty, cheese slice, lettuce, tomatoes and onions. 3.1. a FINANCIAL & NON FINANCIAL

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