Group Communication In Health And Social Care Essay

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In a health and social care setting this is mainly used for group therapy sessions e.g. mental health counselling. As all the individuals share a common interest or goal, group communication is the easiest and most effective way that everyone’s ideas and opinions can be heard. Although, everyone has to be involved for this to work correctly. Usually a leader drives a group e.g. the session counsellor who usually drives the conversation in a group. As some individuals feel threatened speaking in a group, the health care professional must encourage them to become involved in discussion and covey their ideas. It is important to listen effectively when a person is talking as not doing so makes the person feel their opinions are unworthy or invalid.…show more content…
In health and social care, this is used on a daily basis by all health care professionals. It is best used to speak to a patient directly e.g. asking them about their lifestyle or telling them what is wrong with them. Health care professionals must adjust their speech as the patient may not understand what they are being asked/told e.g. using medical jargon. It is essential that you keep eye contact with the patient while speaking one to one because it shows respect and that you are listening to what they are saying. Usually, looking away while talking to a patient can come across rude and you seem disinterested in what they are saying however, health care professionals need to be aware of what is appropriate for individuals from different cultures e.g. in some Middle Eastern countries, prolonged eye contact can come across as confrontational and aggressive. Proximity is an important part of making an individual feel comfortable in the conversation. As this is very intimidating for some people if another person is too close too them and this causes them to become quiet. E.g. sitting arms length away from a patient can make them feel at ease as they have their personal
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