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This explanation will outline the rise and fall of the ancient Chinese nation and examine some of their inventions that have revolutionized the world. The rise of early Chinese culture began late in the third millennium B.C. The Xia, Shang, and Zhou dynasties played pivotal roles in the unification of China under one ruler and fostering political growth throughout society. The ancient kingdoms ability to create innovations and develop new technologies offered unprecedented tactical and political advantages. Between 2205 and 1766 BC, the Xia dynasty successfully ruled the population and laid a foundation for the future leaders. This was also a period when bronze metallurgy was being explored. And, Chinese inventors began to explore new ideas. After the fall of the Xia Dynasty, the Shang Dynasty arose to power. The Shang dynasty emerged as a thriving empire due to their new technologies. Bronze metallurgy…show more content…
Many capital cities were declared throughout the decades, but the most notable included Ao and Yin. These focal cities were elaborately built to include walls towering over 30 feet high. Many key features of the cities directly reflect the Kings' talents to coordinate and manage the people on a massive scale. The Zhou dynasty became the heirs to the Shang king, after he was overcome with corruption. This was justified in the book “Mandate of Heaven”, that says citizens can rebel against an unjust king. Through a decentralized political system, the king attempted to rule the massive kingdom. But he met continuous opposition when many of the town and city officials simply stopped complying to orders. Control over the resources to forge bronze was quickly lost. And the opposing forces of the Zhou dynasty armed themselves for battle. The King tried to implement several political tactics to remain in power. He was overthrown when the leaders of the surrounding cities and towns became to powerful to

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