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Page-1 Gaurav Khanna Professor Alexis McQuigge English 100 18 October 2015 Charlotte Perkins Gilman - The Yellow Wall-paper A magnificent artwork of literature have been described and brought up in the writing of the story The Yellow Wall-paper She wrote this story in 1890 in her home of Pasadena. The story takes its start from a beautifully built house which has been bought by John the husband of the narrator. But narrator felt that house uncomfortable and haunted as it was have no residents from a long time. There was a yellow wallpaper on the walls of bedroom with unknown patterns on it. That sometimes physicked the narrator. In “The Yellow Wallpaper,” Gilman uses the conventions of the psychological horror tale to describe…show more content…
Instead it was due to John having such ignorance towards narrator hence she started writing her own journal. But, when John came to know about the journal he immediately asked his wife to abandon the idea of writing her journal. Which further led to a small conflict; But even after having a fight with the husband narrator started writing that secret journal to calm her mind. hence whenever John was not there she writes the journal. In beginning she started to write about the house. She usually wrote good about the house was happy staying in the house She explained each and everything present in the house. But as she was disturbed by the strange pattern of the yellow wallpaper on the wall of her Page-2 bedroom. It was a formless and weird and describes itself as “revolting”. As the time passed she became pretty expert hiding her journal from John. But hiding the journal became a way of hiding her real feelings from her husband. As she was getting good hiding her thoughts from John she also started writing about John and his patronizing and…show more content…
But it was still creepy for narrator to see the wallpaper and whenever she asks John about it he silences her. Thus it increase her hatred more about it. Which eventually adds more love with journal. Soon the wallpaper starts depicting its meaning to narrator. It seemed as it has something Trapped behind it. Soon it seems as there is woman like narrator are trapped in there and wants to get out of there by shaking the main bars of the main pattern. Soon it gets creepy and irritated for narrator and she tears off the complete wallpaper by her own. By the next day she was happy for giving freedom to the woman. She shouts out loud and creeps around the wall freeing herself and many other woman that she had made free. John sees this all and faints in the hallway. But now that she was alone and had nothing to write in her journal and to creep about. Gilman also uses the journal to give the story an intense immediacy, especially in those moments when the narrator is interrupted by the approach of John or Jennie. These interruptions perfectly illustrate the constraints placed on the narrator by authority figures who urge her not

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