Thelma And Louise Journey

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When we think of historical American journeys, we tend to think in terms of the road west. Modern literary accounts of American journeys similarly meditate on western wanderings, on romantically rediscovering America on its desert and mountain highways. All-American road movies, including Thelma & Louise, focus on journeys to and through the American West, repeatedly framed as a mythical, never-ending place in lingering, wide-pan shots of two-lane highways, one-pump gas stations, dusty cacti, neon sunsets, and other geographic clichés . The 1991 film starts off with Thelma and Louise’s getaway from their mundane, unfulfilled lives, which then takes a turn when one of them kills a man. A cross-country chase ensues, and along the way, both of them rediscover themselves and the strength of their friendship. The film articulates values, beliefs and ideas about the…show more content…
Many of the times, Thelma and Louise are observed riding into the desert landscape, and significantly, zooming over the cliff of the Grand Canyon at the end. Linking to the American frontier mentality, the imagery of the landscape has a deeper meaning. The West created the appeal of no man’s land, that there was boundless abundance to be explored, conquered and developed, in which attracted and encouraged individuals to venture into the exotic and unestablished West. The vast and deep appearance, along with the intensity of the light and color give the film’s background a surrealistic, dreamlike quality so we feel we can expect a complex and emotional experience rather than simply the telling of a story describing a journey . The American frontier becomes romanticized by depicting the abundance of land in an “uncivilized” wilderness as a challenge and an opportunity, offering unlimited freedom and potential for individual

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