French Influence: French Settlers And New Orleans

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French Settlers and New Orleans The French influence is primarily centered in Louisiana and around a few cities north on the Mississippi River. Large stretches along the southern Mississippi River and its tributaries show evidence of the French long lot system of land division. New Orleans was founded in 1718 as a significant, though not large, French settlement at the mouth of the Mississippi River. It was the capital of the French Louisiana territory from 1722 to 1763, when France was forced to relinquish Canada and all territory between the Appalachians and Mississippi, including most of Florida and Louisiana, to Britain under the Treaty of Paris. The rest of Louisiana, including New Orleans, was handed over to the Bourbons of Spain. New Orleans was not really a "city" until well into the Spanish period when many of today's French Quarter buildings were constructed. Spanish rule came to an end in 1803 under Napoleon's rule over…show more content…
Augustine, Florida, in 1565), their impact on the geography of the region has been minimal. In the twentieth century, however, portions of the South have experienced significant immigration of Spanish-speaking people from the Caribbean. Puerto Ricans and Cubans constitute the majority of these people and have primarily settled in urban areas in southern Florida. In the 1980s, increasing numbers also came from politically troubled countries such as Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and El Salvador. Many flocked to Miami, where Latinos comprised 56% of the city's 374,000 population (1980). Race riots broke out in Miami in 1980 and 1989, as Miami's Black community complained of racial discrimination favoring new Hispanic immigrants over the city's poor Black population. At the same time, the 1988 vote in favor of making English the official language of Florida indicates the dominance of the non-Hispanic, Caucasian population outside of the Miami

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