Analyzing Alison Katz's Essay 'AIDS In Africa'

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In Alison Katz’s essay AIDS in Africa, she is responding to a couple different perspectives. She responds to the ideas that people in Africa cannot control themselves when it comes to sexual activities, the idea that people in Africa aren’t getting enough funding to stop the spread of AIDS, and that it is the men that are causing this epidemic. First, Katz responds to the belief that people in sub-Saharan Africa cannot control their lives when it comes to sexual activities. Many people believe that Africans have way more unprotected and unsafe sex than anyone else in the world. Katz responds to these arguments by stating that when the percentage of people infected with AIDS in Africa is compared to the number of people in industrialized countries around the world, the people in African countries would have to be having 250 to 2,500 times more unprotected and unsafe sex for that argument to have any possibility. Katz objects this argument because of the absolute absurdity of the numbers just stated. It isn’t remotely possible for African countries to be having that much more sexual intercourse that every other country in the world.…show more content…
The argument many people make is that we (industrialized countries) must be helping fight this epidemic with all the money that we are donating to these countries. But are we really donating that much, Katz questions. It turns out that a good majority of the money that is being donated to help find a cure and stop the spread of AIDS is actually being used for other things besides just these donations. This is where politics needs to step away from the ongoing search for an AIDS cure and actually work to help these suffering people, Katz

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