Personal Narrative: Evacuating Advanced Placement Calculus

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I woke up from what felt like a deep sleep. Looking around the evacuated Advanced Placement Calculus BC room, I wondered how on earth I ended up in there. As I tried to stand up, a young paramedic gently pushed me back down to the carpeted floor telling me to relax. I resisted this stranger and told him that I was perfectly fine. In my mind, I believed that he was simply overreacting from a good student dozing off in his high level math class, but I was wrong. Memories of the earlier parts of the day began to rush back to me as I laid on the floor, confused about how I ended up in this situation. There was nothing special about that specific Monday. In my first class, AP Environmental Science, we discussed the logistics for our upcoming field trip. At lunch, I sat with my clique and we chatted about trending topics. In AP English, I worked on my research projects while flirting with the girl I would end up asking to prom. Then, in calculus, my final class of the day, our teacher went over seemingly impossible problems from the homework assignment and last week’s quiz, and then we discussed the ratio test for Taylor polynomials.…show more content…
But, after twenty or so minutes into the lecture, I found it harder to focus on the example problems and I felt as though as I could fall asleep at any time. And that was all I could recall about the day. Once the paramedic placed me onto a gurney and started to wheel me towards an ambulance in the back parking lot, I figured that something serious must have happened. But what could it have been? Seeing my expression of perplexity, the paramedic answered my query with a statement I never thought would be directed to

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