David Copperfield Short Story

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David Copperfield is born (delivered by Mr Chillip). It tells of how his father died when Clara, his mother, was 6 months pregnant with him. David's father's aunt (Betsey Trotwood) arrives when he is being born. She leaves when it is announced that the baby is a boy. Peggotty, the housemaid is happy. C Copperfield had tea with Heep and his mother, who claimed that they are ‘much too humble’. While they are having tea, Mr Micawber walked past and told them about london and his family .Mrs micawber told me that the reason they couldn’t get to Plymouth because he owned too much money.Later on, Copperfield has a party with them, which is fun.The next day, Copperfield received a letter from Mr Micawber saying that he has no money and he always seemed to fail . Copperfield leaves…show more content…
He also wrote a short stories to make money too . Dora and Copperfield decided to get married . they found a house for them .The wedding day arrived , Dora and Copperfield were so happy . The housekeeper Mary Anne was useless, so Copperfield suggested that Dora fired her, and she said that she could not and started to cry. Betsey Trotwood adviced him not to argue with Dora ,and focused on Dora’s good points and not the bad ones. Copperfield apologised to her ,and he sacked the housekeeper .Traddles was invited to supper, but the food is a disaster. As always Dora apologised to Copperfield because she was not good enough in house work . One day Dartle said that she wanted to talk to me .She told me a surprising news .I went to Mr Peggoty ,and I told him that Emily left Steerforth.He was convinced that Emily was still a live . They decided to look for Martha, to see if she knew where she was.She agreed to help them to find Emily because she was nice and good to her . 13 Copperfield tried to tell Dora that she was too soft on people. She was ill because she gave birth to a stillborn

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