Strength And Weakness Essay

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Assessment Sheet Individual Presentations Student’s Name: Tatiana Godinho……… Student Nr: 0938868 Date:17 / 09 /2016 Presentation Title: Strength and Weaknesses. In this assessment, I will talk about how did improve myself and some of the feedback I got from my teacher and classmates. As you can see above, I wrote my strengths and weakness on different categories on my first day if I look back I noticed that changed a bit since my first day. If I gave myself a grade, it would be a seven because I still need to improve my language skills, my closing remark needs some improvement, and I also need to be more professional when I give a presentation. The reason I feel that my language skills need to be improved as well as my closing remarks…show more content…
Now I try to make my slides with a maximum of 3 sentences or keywords. Delivery style I realized after my first presentation that when I am nervous, I tend only to look to one person instead of the audience. So, the second time I try to look the crowd but unfortunately my body language made it to unprofessional. That is something I have to work on in next block. Visuals This block we only used on visual, and that was a graph, I think I did well on that, but I can tell. The closing Closing one of my issues and because I always run out of time and mumble something at the end, I try to make it better but still I do not know how to close properly. The discussion We did not have any discussion in this block, so I cannot judge my performance. The development you are most proud of is probably the way I present because before I would not dare to stand up and talk in public, also now I know how to grab the audience attention and before I start with the induction and that was it, I had no idea how to improvise
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