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Scene 7: She is washing away her sins. It signifies holy water and she is bathing in a new holy body. He bought her a ticket to leave for her birthday because he wants to tell Mitch and he wants her out of the house. His motive to get her out of the house is to save his marriage. “But it wouldn’t make me make believe if you believe in me” it is ironic she is singing this because she is telling lies and wants people to live in the dreamiest world she creates. Williams exaggerates everything because there’s greater tension building up. He is portraying the anger and frustration in everyone. “The bathroom door flies open” ,“voice lifted again”, [Stanley comes up and takes her by the shoulders rather gently. She gently withdraws from him. Automatically…show more content…
When the lights go on her truth spills out. She said she never lied in her heart. Mentally she believed she was right and just because people deserve magic not reality. This signifies that everything has fallen apart. It is not until Blanche sees the women crying that she realizes it is truly over. Therefore, the women selling the flowers signifies Blanche’s downfall complete downfall, and ultimately her death. Scene 10: Blanche is extremely overturned and mentally doesn’t know how to act. She is destroyed but what her sisters husband has done to her. The tiara is her only form of royalty and pamper left. She can’t look in the mirror because her life is full of lies. Everytime the music plays something bad happens. Since Stanley is alone with Blanche this is extremely suspenseful. It is the end point. Rape signifies dominance and abuse. Blanche feels nothing like she used to, she is weak and nothing now. Blanche was always the one craving the attention from Stella and asking for her to believe in her. It is ironic that Stanley got it done but he “gets things done” since he is the working class and had an attraction in the

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