Persuasive Essay On Emotional Eating

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Emotional eating can wreak havoc on your mental, emotional and physical health if left unaddressed. It can lead to negative self talk and self deprecation as you continually feel disappointed with yourself each time you overeat or eat poor quality foods. It can leave you feeling emotionally void and unsatisfied as you use food to try to numb yourself or satisfy emotional needs that cannot be met by food. As you continue to make poor food choices and binge, your physical health will also decline. Your digestion will be compromised, you will gain weight around your middle and you will likely start to develop symptoms linked to a poor diet (which is almost all symptoms!) such as acne, headaches, constipation, gas and many more. Yet despite…show more content…
In my own personal experience with emotional eating (which has been long and difficult and resulted in many years of binging which I have now thankfully released) and from my experience of working with countless clients to release emotional eating habits and improve their health and life quality, these two steps are vital to healing your relationship with food and getting true emotional satisfaction. Both require a mental leap from where you are now and are necessary to break yourself free from the prison you are in. 1. Recognize that your emotional eating behavior is a gift that is telling you something needs your attention. It can be easy to ignore the reasons behind your emotional eating habit. It's much easier to just blame it on any old surface level excuse and just get on with the eating. What is difficult is to really look at why you are feeling driven to eat at all. Often you don't want to know what emotions are really driving your behavior as then it's implied that you have to deal with them. When some of these emotions are suppressed pain, sadness, anger or conflicted beliefs, this can seem extremely daunting. Here's how I suggest you approach

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