Blanche Vs Stanley Essay

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In A Streetcar Named Desire the opposition between Blanche and Stanley is an important and central theme in the play by Tennessee Williams. Stanley is very blunt, masculine, primitive and protective about the control of his home. Blanche is a guest and, although she acts superior, the circumstances of her life have left her fragile, devious and self-conscious. Their basic personalities put them at odds with each other which developed into conflicts and hostility which led to Blanche’s breakdown. From the beginning Stanley appears coarse and macho in his manner, yelling for Stella from the street and throwing her a piece of meat for their meal before he leaves to go bowling. Then, Blanche arrives and appears uncomfortable and uncertain that she has come to the correct place. She appears out of place,…show more content…
He is quite clearly not satisfied with her explanations and offers of proof regarding the loss of the family’s estate. Stanley’s attempts to find out what is going on with Blanche and her vagueness. Her cavalier attitude telling what has happened to the family estate casts doubt on her honesty and magnifies the tension and mistrust in their relationship. After the poker game when Stanley strikes Stella, Blanche is sure this must be a defining moment. She is hoping to play on the incident. This could be an opportunity for her to drive a wedge between her sister and Stanley. However, Stella is understanding of Stanley’s personality and does not find his assault violent or vicious. She finds it attractive in an animalistic, possessive way, especially when Stanley expresses so much remorse about the incident and proclaims his love for and desire to be with her. Stella has no intention of leaving her husband even though Blanche practically insists on

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