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In “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin, a young woman named Mrs. Mallard is briefly depressed when hearing about the death of her husband. After receiving the news that her husband died tragically, she starts to feel joy. She realizes that with his passing, she is now a free woman and can do the things that she has always aspired to do without him holding her back. She joyfully considers her new life and potential future and is carefree, until she goes downstairs to find out her husband is still alive. Mrs. Mallard is overwhelmed with sadness and dies. Mrs. Mallard from “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin and I, in my story about the hopes for a new car, both discover initial feelings of temporary sadness, traverse excitement regarding a potential opportunity, and overwhelming depression from the final outcome, even though the cause of our feelings differs. Being on the road driving is something that I love to do. With the windows down and the music cranked up, driving gives me significant freedom. The only problem was that I had to drive my mom’s white 2000 Honda Odyssey mini van. That car is no where…show more content…
Mallard and I experienced overwhelming depression from the actual, final outcome. When Josephine convinced Mrs. Mallard to finally come back down stairs, Mr. Mallard walked through the door; he was actually alive. Mrs. Mallard died at the scene from a “heart disease—of the joy that kills.” Because of her overwhelming sadness at the realization that she was no longer free, she died. Like Mrs. Mallard, I was glum when I realized that the van could be fixed, and I would have to keep driving it. Both Mrs. Mallard and I became downhearted from things that should have made us happy. Realizing that your husband is alive and your car can still be driven should make one feel joy. Unlike Mrs. Mallard, I became sad when I found out my car was alright, but I was not depressed enough to the extent of

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