Story Of An Hour Literary Analysis

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“The Story of an Hour” (1894) by Kate Chopin 1. The nature of conflict in Kate Chopin’s book derives itself from the oppressions of Mrs. Mallard. The book mainly focusses of gender constraints, and it is visible with Mrs. Mallard’s story. She has always felt suppressed by how her husband treated her until she learns of his demise. The society within which Mrs. Mallard resides also has a major contribution to the nature of conflict depicted in the book. In the book, Mrs. Mallard learns that her husband has purportedly died. With his death still fresh on her mind, Mrs. Mallard discovers that she is happy despite having suffered a loss. His death opens up Mrs. Mallard’s personal desires. The society in which Mrs. Mallard subsists holds conflict…show more content…
The sadness culminated from his notion that he might never get to see his lover again. So in order to make Jack feel the kind of pain he was feeling, he decided to inflict physical hurt on Jack. Proulx neglects to give the full story on the book since she meant to show that all couples go through disagreements despite their sexual orientation. After being married for just a month, Ennis impregnates his wife showing that they have an active sexual life. When referring to Ennis’s sexuality, impregnating his wife in just a month suggests to readers that he was trying hard to convince the society they lived in that he was a heterosexual. Ennis was more into hiding his struggles with being gay as opposed to breaking the approved societal norms. His sex life appears confused and unsubstantiated until he sleeps with Jack, who seems to be more in control of his sexuality. When it comes to having sex with Alma, Ennis refuses to use a condom. His refusal may be attributed to his fear of being left by Alma since he felt like Alma was only a baby-making machine rather than a wife to him. Ennis used the condom as a threat to Alma refusing to get pregnant for the umpteenth

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