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AUSTRALIA The world’s sixth largest country, Commonwealth of Australia is a country comprising of the mainland continent of Australia as well as the island of Tasmania and other smaller islands. Since forming of the Commonwealth of Australia in 1901, the country has maintained a stable liberal democratic system with an estimated population of 23.1 million. It is a developed country and one of the wealthiest in the world, a nation governing an entire continent. It has the twelfth largest economy and fifth highest per capita income in the world. Before the arrival of Europeans, the continent was inhabited by indigenous Australians. Presently, its population density is among the lowest in the world. Surrounded by Indian and Pacific Oceans, Australia…show more content…
A foreign skilled worker, businessman or student can attain a Permanent Residency status in Australia and live a peaceful life in temperate climatic conditions which nurture creativity and innovation. A Permanent Resident of Australia can remain there indefinitely. Nature lovers can have a wonderful time exploring the country’s landscapes, forests, and beaches. An initial visa for a period of five years is granted alongside the permanent residency. This visa conforms to the migration scheme, and until the initial visa’s expiry, a visa holder may leave and re-enter Australia freely. After the expiry of the initial visa, the permanent resident is entitled to stay in Australia indefinitely and he / she would not be breaching immigration regulations. After a waiting period of a few years, most permanent residents are eligible to become citizens. They would have to go through a citizenship test followed by a…show more content…
Each state or territory government funds and regulates the schools in their districts, making education compulsory between the ages of five and fifteen to seventeen. After the compulsory period of education, a student can pursue further education which is regulated within Australian Qualifications Framework, which specifies standards of qualifications in the country. Foreign students are attracted by the high quality standard and exposure to various courses in Australia. Moreover, the environment and climate of the country are conducive to learning, creativity and innovation. Highly urbanized communities, diversity in culture, work and study structure, and relatively low cost of living are some of the other attractive aspects of studying in Australia. A student enjoys great freedom while studying overseas, accepts challenges boldly, and builds confidence. Once graduated, he / she becomes a shining symbol for the Australian institute’s reputation. Start Your Visa Assessment Here Australian Awards The country aims to promote knowledge, education links, and ties between its neighbours through its extensive scholarship programs. Australia awards scholarships in two

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